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What Makes Work Fun?

Nowadays we focus on how to profit from every situation, but we don’t ask what really makes us efficient and more productive. In my case it’s curiosity, inspiration, cooperation and having fun.

It may seem odd to talk about feelings like these in regards to your work, but it’s no secret anymore. People who love their jobs are more efficient and productive in the workplace, and it makes perfect sense.

~ Curiosity ~

I’m a person driven by something other than money, power and career. Curiosity is a big part of it – I want to understand things. Learning is something we have to do all through life, preferably through reading and listening to better educated people. But also through a genuine interest in the world around us. Curiosity makes me go that extra mile to, for example, research my articles and blog posts. I want to make sure I understand and convey the facts.

I’m interested in people, human experiences and interaction. I once wanted to be an actress, for the exact same reasons…

~ Inspiration ~

Some people believe that you can’t sit around waiting for inspiration. That might be true, but not all the time. Aren’t we all looking for inspiration on social media, by listening to TedTalks, reading and more? Through my life I have gained a lot of experience that I long to put to good use. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, communicating with and inspiring others, including my colleagues. Talking to people and listening to their stories inspires me, and not many forces are stronger than inspiration.

~ Cooperation ~

It’s hard to change the world, but maybe it’s possible in some small way – especially together? Cooperation is the future. Only if we work together can we solve the problems we are facing. Working alongside nice co-workers enables creative solutions. Having fun is an important ingredient, because in laughter there’s relaxation. When you laugh the mind relaxes and you feel less worried about making mistakes. Through laughter come breakthroughs leading to bigger and better ideas and solutions. I love making people laugh!

Welcome to my portfolio,

Ingrid Carlsson