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What I Do

I’ve had many jobs in my days. I have longed for a secure employment once and again, but in every temporary workplace I have learnt something new. It’s been a school of practice, which has made me flexible and a fast learner. Today I am very grateful for my broad knowledge.

Throughout my professional career I’ve mostly worked in marketing; updating websites and creating printed matter. Since I started taking my writing more seriously I have had jobs as a web editor, in SEO and content writing.

This is what I do…

~ Copy & Content Writer ~

I can be your voice. Together we go through what you want to say.
In close collaboration we create the best content for your target group.

~ Blogger & Web Editor ~

Do you need articles about Berlin, film and theatre, travelling, writing,
finding your “thing”, spiritual subjects, healthy living and such?
Contact me! I write in English and Swedish.

~ Social Media & SEO ~

Facebook is where I hang, and on Instagram. I am familiar with Twitter
and other social media platforms. In my role as content writer I know
how to write SEO texts that rank well on Google.

~ Graphic Designer ~

My expertise is to closely follow your company’s graphic identity. If you
need flyers, ads, brochures, business cards – I can do it!

~ Photographer ~

I know the basics and how to work with photos to prepare them for web
or print. I also enjoy taking pictures myself. Check out my Instagram account!

As you can see I know a little about everything in marketing and communication. If you have questions please contact me.