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What I Do

I’ve had many jobs in my days. I have longed for a secure employment once and again, but in every temporary workplace I have learnt something new. It’s been a school of practice, which has made me flexible and a fast learner. Today I am very grateful for my broad knowledge.

Throughout my professional career I’ve mostly worked in marketing; updating websites, creating printed matter. Since I started taking my writing more seriously I have had jobs as a web editor, in SEO and content writing.

~ Online Marketing ~

I can be your eyes and your voice online. Together we go through what you want to say. In close collaboration we create the best content for your target group and market.

~ Content Writing & Blogging ~

Do you need articles about Berlin, film and theatre, travelling, writing, finding your “thing”, spiritual subjects, healthy living, and more? Contact me! I write in English and Swedish. My German is good, but needs looking over by a native. I have extensive experience in translating as well. Mainly English–Swedish.

~ Social Media & SEO ~

Facebook is where I hang, and on Instagram. I am familiar with Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. To some, the former two may seem old-fashioned but it’s where most companies are present today. Basically, you need to go where the target group is.

In my role as a content writer I know how to write SEO texts that rank well on Google.

~ Graphic Design ~

My expertise is to closely follow your company’s graphic identity. If you need flyers, ads, brochures, business cards – I can do it! If you need cool design I will do my best to oblige.

As you can see I know a little about everything in marketing and communication. If you have questions please contact me.