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This Is Me

Looking for someone in content marketing: a content writer, a passionate social media communicator, or a graphic designer? I have experience in all three fields.

My name is Ingrid Carlsson and I’m the kind of person you can’t put a label on, I’m a jack of all trades. My work experience stretches from cleaner to content writer, from actor to marketing assistant and web designer.

~ Communication ~

The constant in my work life though, has been communication. It might not be evident, but I love to write and express something in writing, as well as artistically. I also enjoy taking photos, sharing interesting things on social media, and blogging. In short, I enjoy communicating with the world.

~ Creativity & Connection ~

There’s something I love about connecting with people as well. Most of the time I consider myself a “people lover” and I can promise you I will brighten the day at the office. I’m sociable, creative and thorough. Not exactly goal driven, but I’m loyal and I want to give it my best. Quality is my OKR and KPI.

~ In My Spare Time ~

In my spare time I am writing a book. It’s a fascinating, but difficult task. Who knows if I will ever finish it. Luckily, I have created a support group for writers on Facebook, Skrivdrömmar. We share interesting articles, links, workshops, and generally help each other keep going.

Professionally I’ve mostly written in Swedish, but I have been blogging in English, too. See the menu above and choose In English or På svenska.

I also have a Berlin blog where I write about my experiences in the German capitol (in Swedish):

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.