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This Is Me

Looking for a writer, graphic designer or a passionate Instagramer?
I’m the kind of person you really can’t put a label on, I’m a little of everything.
My work experience stretches from cleaner to content writer, from actor to marketing assistant. Sometimes I want to say: “Whatever you need – I can do it!”

Even if that isn’t quite true I can promise you I will brighten the day at the office. I’m sociable, creative and thorough.
I live for details and spelling mistakes have no chance with me.

Yes, I’m a creative person. I love writing, taking photos and blogging. In short, I enjoy communicating with the world. In my spare time I am writing a book as well as a screenplay. It’s a fascinating, but difficult journey.

Professionally I have been working with texts most of the time – even when I wasn’t supposed to. If I see a sentence and think I can perfect it, I do my very best to do so.

Unfortunately I haven’t much to show for myself, because I’ve mostly written in Swedish. Only recently did I start my English blog,, to be able to reach a broader group of readers.

For my professional merits, please check out my resume under CV in the top menu. Choose you preferred language in the dropdown.

Have a nice day,

Ingrid Carlsson

Photo: Mark Beyer