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CD Covers 4 Fun

I decided to show off these old CD covers I made a long time ago, even though the pics are too small. At the time I chose a couple of favourite CD’s and my own photos. Then I worked on the design until I was happy. Easy peasy!

I have been looking for the larger files, but they might only be found on old CD’s I’ve burnt, They are no longer on my computer. If these small pictures do the design justice or not might be left unsaid, but I like the colours.

On the first design I wanted to play around with colour and black and white photos. See what I could do to make them harmonise.

Fonts can be a curse and a blessing, but fun to play with. The trick is not to use more than one. Maybe two. Every font has many shapes and forms in itself: italic, bold, semi-bold etc. And then the size…