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Skellefteå Museum

Spring 2011 was an exiting time. I had just started working at Skellefteå Museum, writing and editing content for their brand new website. The design and programming was done by Hello Future, and the photos were taken and/or delivered by Krister Hägglund.

Many passionate people work at a museum. They all want to tell as much as possible about their department and what they do. The regular web user can’t possibly take it all in. He or she doesn’t have the special knowledge required.

My assignment was to shorten the texts, pick the best – but still accurate pieces – and create an inviting and including tone of voice. It’s been my best job ever so far. It’s incredible how much I’ve learnt.

The site was launched May 23rd, 2011. Most of my texts are still available, especially under Om museet.

Photo: Skellefteå Museum’s homepage, 2011