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Graphic Charter Work for Selldén Group

In 2012 I had the privilege to work for the Selldén Group. The corporation included companies Alon and Waren, and all three needed a common graphic charter, brochures and updated homepages. What a challenge!

At first the three companies desperately needed common ground. The graphic charters were so far apart I didn’t know where to start, but a simple colour scheme saved the day. Blue, yellow and green – one colour for each company.

Shortly before Stora Nolia, Sweden’s largest public fair, they needed new design for the stand. In a hurry I created rollups, backdrop, a counter cover/poster and so called “pop-ups”. Really fun to do!

For the homepages and I had to edit/publish photos and edit/write texts.

Here are the brochures I produced (pdf):
• Selldén Group
• Alon
• Waren