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Kultur Skellefteå

In 2013 I worked for the Cultural Department at Skellefteå Municipality, Kultur Skellefteå. My job included graphic design, writing articles for and updating several homepages, as well as social media.

I actually had to juggle two different graphic profiles: one for the municipality and one for Nordanå Cultural Centre. Every event had to have a poster, and sometimes other printed matter. I was allowed creative freedom, but the guidelines were a great help.

On top of that I was responsible for all the libraries in the area. Whenever they arranged an event I was the one to provide the marketing material. I also handled their respective homepages, all to be found at

Except for printed matter I enjoyed developing a more personal style and voice for the Nordanå Facebook page.

It was a hectic period and lots to learn: the organisation, the distribution channels, contacts, and of course the production and spreading of the marketing material and the information.

Some of the things I produced:
Flyer/postcard Kulturpedagogiskt centrum (pdf)
Vernissage card for the Thorfrid Olsson exhibition (pdf)
Poster for a talk about author Sara Lidman, Stadsbiblioteket (pdf)
Flyer/postcard Dansväxthuset (pdf)

Photo: Flyer for Kulturpedagogiskt centrum, Kultur Skellefteå. A child’s painting was the base for the design.