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Write That Book

…or tell that story. There are most certainly people out there who need to read or hear it. Writer’s block is just your ego and fear feeding you lies. So when will you stop listening to that voice and start listening to your heart?

The founder of the Get Your Book Done program, Christine Kloser, said something like that in a webinar I participated in some time ago. Even though I have come much further now, I still need to be reminded of this time and again.

Christine Kloser is a “Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author, and Transformational Book Coach”. That last title caught my eye. A transformational book coach? What does that mean?

Apparently she helps people write “transformational books” and being a “sucker” for personal development I got curious. As I read these lines – which exactly described my own struggle – I just had to know more:

You want to write a book. It’s inside you. The desire is there…
But you simply can’t. There’s resistance. Some sort of block.
A struggle. And you can’t explain it.

The Transformational Book Writer

A transformational book writer is somebody with a specific message, somebody with a strong sense of wanting to share this message with other people and ultimately hoping to change the world.

The program isn’t about writing fiction and novels, more about self-help, how-to-do and inspirational books. Apparently there is a sort of formula, a system you can follow, in order to avoid some of the worst blocks most aspiring authors experience.

But first, what are the worst blocks according to Kloser?

1. Brain Clutter: Your head is so full of stuff you can’t see the forest for the trees, as we Swedes put it.
2. Self-Doubt: This is my biggest block. How can I write something that will remotely interest anyone else? And how can I even begin to get my book or screenplay noticed, published or made into a film?
3. Lack of Time: I have too much time on my hands, but of course many other wannabe authors have full-time jobs, a family and other things on their minds.

How To Get Started

Like I wrote before, self-doubt is my worst enemy and Kloser claims to have the remedy.

Get crystal clear about your message, what you want to say and how you want to transform the reader.
Shut that negative voice up, maybe even forever. Kloser has the tools. (Wow! Really!? That would be wonderful.)
The book will almost write itself, once the blocks are gone and there is nothing stopping you. It will be written in pure joy – with flow – which of course is why it will be read. No one wants to read a book if every words was forced onto the page.

Even though I just had Kloser’s word for it my intuition told me she was right. The question is, do I believe this program will help me write my own transformational book, or even a screenplay?

The webinar and the website are, as I see it, “very American”. The message is repeated in that typical “banging on the head” kind of way mainly used in commercials. However I believe Kloser means what she says. Listening to her I felt there was a sincerity in her voice, something that made me believe she is who she says she is.

Now it’s up to me. Writing or not writing, that’s the question.