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I’m Living My Dream Life

I was sitting on the balcony, enjoying my dinner and the sun, when it struck me. I am living my dream life! It isn’t perfect, I still lack important things, but many wonderful pieces are there. Already in place.

What does living you dream life mean? To be rich and famous, and never to want for anything?

Or to be grateful for what you have? Yes, gratitude is a big part of it.

Look at the choices you’ve made. Did you chose from the heart? If you did, but it didn’t turn out exactly like you wanted it to, is it still good? Well, it can be.

In 2013 I chose to create a complete new life for myself. I moved from a small town in northern Sweden to the big city, Berlin.

It was hard, it was scary, but I had to. My heart gave me no choice.

I’ve listened to my heart before, but this time it screamed – Freedom! That was my first feeling in Berlin. This amazing freedom.

I can be myself in Berlin – because nobody cares. People are too busy to care. Weird people are everywhere. Berlin is weird!

Being new to a country and a city you have to learn how to be alone. It can even be terribly lonely at times.

In the silence and loneliness you can find a gift. The gift of self. When you find your own inner centre you cease being lonely.

As a writer, being alone is essential.

It’s in the silence you find the words.

As I found my silence, and my words, I also began loving my life.

The dream life starts within.