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When I Turned Hollywood Down

Never thought I’d say it, but I turned Hollywood down today. I found out about a course in scriptwriting, in LA. The programme included a meeting with actors and other scriptwriters – yes, in Hollywood! – and going to the Student Academy Awards. That’s the baby sister of the Oscar’s. We were to meet one of the jury members as well. What was I thinking?

Facebook is amazing! That’s how I found the information. Someone had dropped out at the last minute and left an opening. I did check flights, but despite the many airlines it wasn’t cheap. If I had used all my new savings I might have made it. But would that really be a good idea?

I’ve just come out of a rough patch. For the first time in my life I wasn’t sure I could pay the rent. That was a terrible feeling! Thankfully friends stepped in and I’m back on track now. But I’m not out of the woods. It could happen again.

Everything sounded so easy. I was even offered to stay with a Swedish woman, on her couch, for a few dollars a night. How often do you get a chance like this? Not very often. Still I decided to be practical. I need to build a foundation. I need an income, a safety net.

Aww, Hollywood… I hope I get to go another time, when I feel more prepared. When I have finished (at least) my first script and know a bit more about the work behind it. Student Academy Awards might be fantastic too, but this is where I wanna be. In the middle. Haha!


  1. You know your heart better than anyone… keep dreaming and you will make it happen!!


  2. Ingrid

    Thanks, sweetie. I often lose hope and struggle with my self-confidence. Since the workshop my mantra has been “Trust yourself” and I have visualised myself accepting the Oscar. Haha, it helps (most of the time).

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