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How Do We Grow Spiritually?

If nothing ever goes wrong, how can we grow? The challenges force us to become aware. What are my thought patterns? How much do I identify myself with those thoughts? Do I believe my brain when it tells me something is wrong with me?

We all have an ego, a side to us that has been developing over thousands of years, throughout the history of man. It had a purpose once, to keep us alive, but today it can help us evolve.

Many filosophers and others have said that our wounds, or challenges, help us see the light so to speak. The patterns of the ego are so fully immersed into humanity that it takes great effort to try and move past them.

1. Become Aware of the Ego

I don’t think we can ever let go of the ego completely, but we can put it in the backseat in our life. Eckhart Tolle speaks of “the pain-body”. That is the part of you that still experiences your wounds. If somebody pushes the “right” buttons you react, you feel hurt, angry, sad. The feelings are connected to certain thought forms.

Like the man in the video, he experiences anger. When he feels angry he throws his spiritual practise out the window. I don’t mean everybody has to have a spiritual practise, but what would happen if we started to become aware of these emotional patterns and thought forms?

2. Stop Listening to the Ego

I know my ego gets triggered through sadness and frustration. Why can’t I find my passion? Why haven’t I found my dream job? Why am I still single? When an emotion arises – which it often does (I’m a Cancer!) – the thoughts follow. When I’m in that head-space I have trouble getting out. Even though I am aware of the emotional circus I have gotten myself in to.

My belief is that the world needs to get aware of the ego. What is the best way? To put men like Trump in charge. If he can’t help us get aware of the ego nothing can. He triggers everything and everyone. I’m not saying that we have to let him keep doing this. No, but let’s become aware of the gift in this situation.

A few moments ago I understood the true meaning of the saying “through the wound is where the light comes in”. Your wound, or as you feel hurt, is when you have the opportunity to step back and observe yourself. Through that hurt you can find awareness. That is a true gift. For you and for humanity.

Just remember, it takes time to learn, but be grateful for your wounds. You might not see it now, but they are there for a reason. They are there to help you become aware.

Listen to Eckhart Tolle explain how to start becoming aware…