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Universe – Show Me Something Beautiful

Today I took care of me. I was recently reminded of the relationship I have with Berlin, with the city itself. Like a dear friend it always cheers me up when I’m down. Walking around, watching people, taking in the sights, the views, the noise, the smells. Berlin never lets me down. It always delivers. Even today…

I’ve had a distressing week, or rather a disappointing one. I was hoping to hear from an employer about a job interview, but no email, no phone call, nothing. Maybe they haven’t gone through all the applications yet, maybe they still are interested in me, maybe I overreacted…

But you can only take so many rejections. After a while you recognise the pattern, and conditioned like a Pavlov’s dog you start to feel sad and disappointed. You basically just want to give up. (And no! If you’ve never been unemployed you don’t know what it’s like!)

Beautiful Photos Of Berlin

Berliner Fernsehturm © Alexander Voss

Last Saturday I bought a poster from a photographer at the art market, close to Museuminsel in Mitte. It’s of course a photo of my beloved TV tower, Fernsehturm. The guy was called Alexander Voss. He was nice and seemed genuinely surprised and happy by me praising his work. When I got home I looked for the perfect spot to hang my new picture (photo borrowed from his homepage). Over the bed, yes – then I realised I should have bought two pictures, for the sake of balance.

That’s why I headed out into the grey Saturday afternoon. I was late. I was worried I might miss the market. (They start packing up at about 3 pm.) On my way I stopped at Pylones to check out their wonderful colourful things. I immediately found a scarf I liked and reached for my purse – which wasn’t there! I had left it at home when I changed bags.

A Beautiful Encounter

As I headed back home to get the purse I decided I wouldn’t let this ruin my day. But I couldn’t help but wondering why it was happening at all. I (almost) never forget my purse! I felt it had something to do with timing. At least it felt significant, but I didn’t find the answer right away.

After I had got the purse I headed back to Pylones, bought the scarf and by then it was too late to visit the art market. I bought some chocolate at the Lindt’s shop close by, and took a walk along Spree. I was actually hungry and was scouting for a place to eat while I was walking. Eventually I ended up at District Môt – Saigon Street Food and I was seated next to two American girls.

I ordered a nice meal, a glass of wine, and before I got my order the two girls got up and left. Because the food was a bit too spicy for me I ordered dessert, chocolate panna cotta and coffee. Suddenly a couple was seated at my table. I looked up, and there she was! Luisa Weiss, The Wednesday Chef.

A Beautiful Book I Once Read

My Berlin Kitchen, by Luisa Weiss

When I was new in Berlin I heard about this young woman who had decided to cook her way through her recipes. She blogged about it and eventually wrote a book called My Berlin Kitchen. It was actually a love story; about her love for cooking, for her husband – and for Berlin. I bought it, read it and liked it. And there she was, sitting at my table.

This was my chance and I started talking to her and her husband. I told them about the book I had read and how much I had liked it. They were both very friendly and Luisa said she appreciated me saying it to her face. Usually people tell her through social media.

We had a nice conversation, but I wanted to give them some privacy and left after a while. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that the book inspired me to write my own story, or at least try, but it turned out to be a lovely encounter.

I think this is why I had to go home for my purse. Otherwise I would have already been gone when they entered the restaurant. Or I might have ended up somewhere else. This was no chance meeting, it was supposed to happen, and my Berlin life has come full circle.