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Newsletter Translations

In my recent job for SIXT Rent a Car I had to do a lot of translating, or localisation as it’s also called. That means I had to translate newsletters and other CRM texts that were to be used in many languages.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of those texts to show you. I don’t have access to my work any longer, but in general we would get an Excel sheet with the original text in English (US/UK). Then, we had to translate – and localise – the texts into our own languages. For me that meant Swedish.

These tasks I found both challenging and fun. Challenging, because translating is almost never a straight-forward job. Most people use tools like Google Translate or Deepl, but even though they are getting better, you can’t completely rely on them. Every language has its own set of idioms, sayings and expressions.

My colleagues in the CRM team often gave me positive feedback. Apparently I was the fastest, most flexible and most accurate translator in the company. Thanks guys! 💖

Photo by Hannah Gibbs on Unsplash