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Photos of Paintings

I found these old photos of some paintings I made a few years back. Sometimes I enjoy playing with colours – and of course add some gold or silver paint at the end.

It makes me happy to see all the colours of the rainbow in a picture. I find it difficult to choose just one or two. I want them all!

These paintings are different. Some are very colourful, other’s not. When I paint I don’t think. I let the brush do the work. Afterwards I try and find a hidden message, and I almost always find it.

What do you see?

2014-08-17 15.24.09-1
2014-08-17 15.24.40-2
2014-08-23 16.36.31-2
2014-08-26 18.06.56-1
2014-08-29 21.03.58-1
2014-09-02 21.13.19-1
2014-10-14 15.55.41-1
2014-10-14 15.56.45-1

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