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Welcome to My World

Here we go! I’ve just created a site for my passions: writing, follow your dreams and Berlin. Often in that order.

I have gone through a lot trying to fight the urge to write. Now that I want to write I have to fight the resistance. Why is it so hard? No one tells you that.

When we see successful people, regardless of business, it seems like they have never really struggled. Maybe they say they have, but surely they’ve never felt the same fear and insecurities I have?

Wrong! We all experience the same fears, especially if we want to try something new. It goes with that thing, being human. It’s a big part of the human experience. Who knew?

Many famous artists and writers talk and write about these things. I have never really listened – until now. I see, it isn’t just me. It’s everyone.

Susan Jeffers has written a book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. I haven’t read it yet, but what an amazing title! Says it all.

This is what I wanna do; share my thoughts about the fear – and shear joy – of writing and being creative.