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Unleashing Miracles

Sometimes all it takes is a group of likeminded people. “To do what?”, you may ask. To help you find your way again. This Spring I’ve attended two workshops called “Unleashing Miracles” and now I feel excited about myself and my life. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do be doing.

Jobina Bardai is a Canadian dancer and life coach currently residing in Berlin. To kick off her coaching business she invited 10 people to her special workshop about unleashing miracles in February, and once again in May.

For some time I’d missed being around people with the same outlook on life as I have. That kind of loneliness can be tough. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about the workshop, but decided to go anyway – and boy am I glad I did!

Asking the Universe

The major thing I realised was why I have difficulty asking the Universe for what I want. I know it works, so why don’t I do it more often? The answer is – I think too far ahead. I try to see if what I’m asking for is the highest best for me, but how can I possibly know that in advance?

Jobina said something about “being in the now”, what do you want now? It’s so easy, but I haven’t realised it. I can only know what I want in the Now. Tomorrow I may want something else, but it’s the Now that matters!

This is what a good coach does, makes you find the answers yourself. It’s all in you!

New Friends

For me it was amazing that the people around the table had almost the same interests as I have; they do healing, yoga, coaching, dancing, painting and all sorts. They are optimistic, sensitive people with big hearts and big dreams. Light-workers and miracle workers. That’s my kind of people! The Earth needs us at this moment in time.

We will see more of each other in the future, but until then I will keep on writing, my first screenplay and on this blog. And I will keep asking the Universe for help, and for the things I want.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now watch Jim Carrey talk about asking the Universe for what you want. (And don’t mind the silly costumes.)