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Longing For Peace

It’s very peaceful in my home right now: the balcony door is open, I hear birds chirping, the wind in the trees, and the sun is shining through the leaves. I smell the scent of the blossoming linden trees in the air. My outside world matches my inside – but that’s not always the case.

I don’t think I’m alone to long for peace and love in this world. It pains me that I can’t change the past or stop bad things from happening. It’s frowned upon to want to escape reality, but I want to escape almost all the time. Especially when reading or watching the news.

That’s one of the reasons for this blog. I want to focus on the good things for a moment. To dream, to fly away. I don’t necessarily prescribe unicorns and rainbows. I want to inspire you to stop and smell the roses; to enjoy the sun, a cup of coffee or a chat with a friend.

How to Find Inner Peace

My backyard is almost always peaceful, but my inside isn’t. So what to do?

I’m not the meditating kind of person, not in the way it’s “supposed to be done”. Instead I go to the park and watch people walking by, or sit outside a café. Sometimes I listen to music or spend time on the balcony, watching the birds and squirrels in the trees.

My dream is to have a small house by the sea. Maybe in Wales. Wales is so unbelievably beautiful.

I used to do yoga, and a long time ago I liked tai chi a lot. I never seem to be able to keep it up though. But you don’t have to be a guru to find peace inside. Focus on things and activities that make you happy. Whatever helps you turn off the brain for a while and just be.

Be at peace, and the world seems safer too. And you’ll find better solutions to your problems.
Relax and breathe. Everything will be okay.

Photo: A Peace Rose.