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Wanting to Be Seen

Why are people creative and artistic? What draws them into that field? I watched a clip with actor Colin Firth and had to laugh. His description of an actor fits me like a glove. Not that I’m an actor, but maybe all artists really are confused people – in constant identity crisis – looking for attention?

Since I was a child I’ve always been interested in acting. I wanted to become an actor and spent a few years on stage in my 20’s. After a difficult project I stopped cold turkey. I didn’t believe I could succeed.

I think I was drawn to the stage because of a need to be seen. A need for attention, if you will. I was very shy as a child. Many actors claim to be shy, and enjoy taking on other identities in order to hide their own.

Portraying someone else hasn’t attracted me that much though. I’m highly sensitive and always pick up on everybody else’s energies, so I’ve had trouble finding my own identity. Firth says an actor has to stay in a constant identity crises.

Wait, that actually fits. Having an identity crises, being confused and in need of attention could definitely describe me. I still can’t figure out who I am, what my goals are and what I want in life. I do know I want to be seen and heard. I want to be read. I want to tell stories.

What if we all are confused, in constant identity crises and want to be seen? Isn’t that the kind of society we live in today? If everyone wants attention, are there people left to validate us? And whose validation are we actually seeking?

It’s interesting to ponder these things. Anyone, who feels the need to communicate some kind of message, wants attention. But what if nobody listens, is it still a message?

At about 6.52 he starts to talk about acting and actors.