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Make Your Day More Colourful

I found some photos of old paintings I made a few years back. Why not give them a second chance on this new blog? Writing is my main interest and talent, but doing something different is refreshing and inspiring. Pick up that paint brush!

In Sweden I did a course in Vedic Art about 5 years ago. It’s a very interesting approach to painting and being creative. One of the things I learnt was to just let go. Follow the movement of the brush and see what comes out of it. A very relaxing way to make art.

Painting became an adventure, an explosion of colour, which I later could analyse. There was always information about me, and that moment in my life, hidden in the pictures.

I love looking at the colours. I’ve never been able to choose the most beautiful ones. I love all colours! (Except for maybe brown and beige. But beige isn’t even a colour, if you ask me.)

Here are some of the paintings I made. I hope they brighten your (Mon)day.


  1. Anne-Sofie Sundholm

    Fint! Jag gillar verkligen den översta blå! 🙂

  2. Ingrid

    Tack! 🙂

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