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Your Dream Is Important

I think we all have a dream – at least one – but it may be hard to discover. Often it’s hidden deep within, and is difficult to find because of the old junk covering it: patterns, habits, feelings, thoughts, social programmings. Sometimes we are afraid to even acknowledge our dream.

A treasure must be hard to find. If not, why go through all the trouble to hide it, and draw a map? No, we will enjoy the discovery more if we have to go on an adventure to make it.

I believe everybody has a mission in life, a purpose. Before we go looking for it we can’t be fully satisfied. The mission can be big or small, and only you can know what it is. The first clue is the answer to this question: What makes your heart sing?

Somewhere in there your purpose lies. Just follow the bliss. What makes you happy? What can you do for hours on end without noticing how time flies?

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

The biggest obstacle can be to acknowledge your dream. Maybe it’s really big. Maybe it seems ridiculous or impossible to reach. Well, what do you think is better? To do nothing, or to start and take one step at a time?

Whatever your dream may be – believe in it, go for it! If you don’t, you will always feel that missing piece. As if your life has no meaning. You’ll be stuck in a constant state of hopelessness and depression.

At least that’s how I felt. I’m not sure what my dream means, but I’m doing something. I’m on my way. Step by step I work towards it. It may be far to go, but it feels so good. It’s fun.

Come join me!