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Listen to Your Feelings

I read somewhere, that some people are very preoccupied with their own feelings. Which means they don’t consider other people’s ditto. Being a very sensitive person, strongly feeling my own feelings as well as what I pick up from people around me, I can understand if they seem to take over. But do we listen to our feelings? They come with a message.

Access Consciousness is a tool – actually many tools – for bringing emotional order, among other things. Founder Gary Douglas, and his business partner Dr Dain Heer, talk about Access in numerous videos, radio talks, pods, on homepages and in books.

The first thing that caught my eye was their claim that…

98 percent of what you are feeling comes from other people.

Fantastic! The first time I used the tool for this I was so relieved I started laughing. I had felt weird, couldn’t make the smallest decision and was generally confused. I tried the tool. First I identified where I could feel this confusion in my body, then I put my hand on the area and thought to myself:

Whom does this belong to?

I felt a lightness under my hand, which was an indication the feelings didn’t belong to me. I thought to myself:

Return to sender with awareness.

And suddenly I felt completely like myself again. Cleansed, happy and peaceful. The confused feelings were gone.

You Are Only Responsible For You

This incident made me realise how often I had carried around feelings belonging to somebody else: in my childhood, in the workplace, in difficult situations in life. I didn’t just carry myself – I carried others too.

Once you have eliminated feelings belonging to somebody else, you can start working on you. If you reach deeper, make the feeling stronger and try to keep fear out. What is your body saying?

I have gotten the most interesting answers. At one point my body told me it wanted to run. It wanted to move, dance and jump from joy. After that I did give it the opportunity to move, but not exactly run… 😉

Other messages and epiphanies have come to me. Listening to pain on the left side of the body, I realised that I love to write, but I was too afraid of criticism, not being understood or just simply of being boring. Out of fear I kept myself from doing something I love, and my body responded with pain.

Stop and Listen

Feelings are always a sign for you to pay attention. Something isn’t right, but it might be because of something you never would have expected.

In this day and age we are too afraid to stop, to feel and receive information. Any pain or discomfort makes us scared. Will we get sick? Do we have to take time off work? Yes! Please.

Don’t cover it up with painkillers, activities, spending more time on social media, exercising or watching TV hours on end. A walk or a run (without music in your ears) might work, but listen to your pain. Sit with it, or relax when you’ve gone to bed.

Your feelings have something important to tell you.

Check out Dr Dain Heer talking about the tool: