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Berlin Makes My Heart Sing

Do you have that special place where you feel extra good? Where you get inspired, never get tired of exploring and enjoy your favourite peaceful corners? To some it can be a summer house or on the beach. For me – it’s Berlin.

I do like spending time by the sea or in a lovely cottage. When I retire I’d like to find a quiet house in Wales. A place where I can take a walk along the cliffs by the wonderful bluish green ocean, alone with my thoughts.

Berlin can be awful when it’s hot. There is nowhere to hide. If it’s about 35 degrees you desperately need to be close to water. Preferably in it. I’ve spent hot days indoors in my bikini, because I wouldn’t have survived a bike ride to the nearest lake. I easily get heatstroke and my brain would have boiled.

The last two days it’s been raining. Constantly! Not even the shortest brake. A friend wanted to come visit me when the rain stopped. She never came. It never did.

When it rains heavily in Berlin the tube stations get over-flooded, traffic struggles to get through – and people go swimming in the streets. Yep, there are many lunatics here. But I kinda like it.

It’s never ever boring in Berlin. Ah, I love this city…