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Writing In English

I have been blogging for as long as I can remember. Well, at least since the beginning of year 2000, I think. I’ve tried many types of blogs, designs and subjects. It’s been hard to find my voice, but I’ve learnt a lot while searching for it.

Today I have 3 blogs:

~ Formica ~

This is first of all a portfolio blog. Here I share my work
and work related things:

~ Ingrid Carlsson ~

Here I write about writing, dreams and Berlin. In English,
and in that order:

~ Berlin 2 Me ~

This blog was born in 2012, when I was getting serious about
moving to Berlin. This blog is like a diary, but can hopefully be
interesting to other Berlin fans as well. (In Swedish.):

I’m planning to move the Swedish blog and integrate with the other two somehow. Anyway, I hope you find something interesting to read.