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My Learning Out Loud Mission

Apparently there is a thing called “Learning out loud”. It means to share a process – like how to write a book – on platforms like blogs, in social media and maybe even in said book. I like that idea. Basically because right now I have no other purpose than my own journey through life. I don’t offer services, like coaching or something else more tangible. I’m not selling anything. Instead I see it as my mission to share my story, whilst I do my best to create my dream life.

How is this interesting to other people? Well… if it isn’t, it isn’t. My hope is that it will be interesting to you who go through a similar experience, or would like to follow your dreams too, but find it intimidating. Because it is!

Best-selling author Jeff Goins started his blog and business out of the same learning out loud principle (article by Declan Wilson). I’m not sure my path looks exactly like his, but my misson on this blog is…

–– To share what it’s like to try a different life, to choose a different path, and to follow
–– your own heart first and foremost.

To share what it’s like to want to become a writer, and what it’s like to learn about
–– becoming a writer. What this process means to me and what I learn along the way.

I invite you to follow me on my quest for bliss. Hopefully we can both learn something valuable, or at least keep ourselves company for a while.

And now I’m available on Facebook as well! Woohoo.

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