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Just a Singing Clown

I love watching unknown, but great singers and performers audition in talent shows. I never watch the entire shows on TV, but clips online on YouTube. I especially like when the jury underestimate somebody because of their looks. Secretly I too would like to be able to surprise the world with my unique (singing) talents.

I’ve always felt that nudge inside, that strange feeling. It would be so amazing to be able to surprise the world, and get a sort of revenge at the same time. Most people who audition seem to have a deeper reason for why they do it.

The person I’d surprise the most would of course be me. I don’t have that type of singing voice. But I wish I did. Oh, that moment when Susan Boyle opened her mouth and started to sing…

When I think long and hard I see that there is this part in me that wish to be seen. Most artistic people want an audience and have something they want to communicate. So do I. I’m just not sure about my message, or to whom I wish to communicate it. Or how! Maybe I have to start singing. Haha…

Yesterday I stumbled across Puddles Pity Party, and I instantly fell in love with the sad clown and his deep barytone voice. Apparently the audience and the jury loved him too. (He starts singing about 1.50 minutes in.)

I just love it! He’s wonderful. What a great moment.