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Lilou Macé has been making interviews for a long time, and posting them to her YouTube channel. I didn’t know she had written a book, actually two, until a friend stuck I Had No Money And I Liked It into my hands. Oh my was I in for a treat!

Lilou has spoken to every spiritual and self-help person and/or author on the planet. Or so it seems. Through Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour (now Lilou Macé TV) she has spoken to people like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and many more.

She started to write her first book, I Lost My Job and I Liked It, when she… well, lost her job 🙂 The second book tells the story about what happened next.

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In “I Had No Money…” Lilou shares the excitement of promoting and selling her first book, and her optimism is inspiring. She does her best to believe in her dreams and realise them, but she doesn’t leave out the hard times. Instead she explains how important it is to stay in a positive mode, surrender the control of how things will manifest, and stay open to receiving whatever comes.

Gets The Creative Juices Flowing

I have only read about half the book, but it’s impossible to read all at once. At first I was a bit critical. I felt she should have left out a few boring details, but after a while I am full of enthusiasm. Before I know it I have written a blog post, put together an offer for aspiring writers, and started a Facebook group.

It seems like what Lilou is saying actually works. A positive attitude relaxes you and helps you receive ideas, inspiration or help from others. The trick is to open up more, not to close down in fear. And to follow the heart!

Whatever excites you will give you enough energy to achieve it. When you are excited you don’t feel the fear.

I will finish the book, but I already feel so empowered. Actually I’m writing my own book now. It’s different than Liloou’s, but has the same purpose – to inspire the reader to go for it. Create you own juicy life 😀



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