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Coaching Others

For some time now I have been thinking about coaching others. Would I be able to do that? I don’t have it together myself, and I’m no teacher, how could I help somebody else? Maybe that’s just the thing, to be there. As a fellow human being. On the same level.

I’ve talked about “teaching by example” before. How our lives, as they are, could inspire others. It of course means we have to live an authentic life, from the heart. I’m not sure what an unauthentic life would be like, but I guess it means doing only what other people want you to do.

Friends and family know I have been struggling for years with my love-hate relationship to writing. I long to do it, but my fears and perfectionistic expectations have gotten in the way.

I have been thinking, maybe there are others like me out there? People with a dream, who would like to put something into words, but don’t know where and how to start. I could help!

Using My Experience

A week or two ago I tried something new. I put together my first offer (in Swedish). To spice it up a little, and make it more real, I decided to put a small price tag on my services. Most people can afford SEK 100 (about €10), and with a symbolic price I felt even more eager to deliver.

But nothing happened.

I shared my offer in a few Facebook groups and tried to wait patiently. Nope, not one person got back to me. At first I was discouraged, but after some thought I felt better. At least I tried. I put myself out there. To get people to take the step I have to keep going. I have to lead by example.

Now I truly believe I have something to give. And it feels cool. It even feels yummy.