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Am I Really That Unique?

I often feel like an alien these days. Maybe not like I’m from another planet, but at least from another dimension. I don’t know, but I seem to think and worry about things that not many others find worth brooding over. Is there something wrong with me?

As a child I can’t say I felt different. I guess I tried to fit in, like everybody else. I have always considered myself a “normal” person, but am I – really?

There have been times when I noticed that my way of thinking was a bit provoking, e.g the way I hope for and strive to create a job that gives me joy. Why? It’s not like there are no people in the world who love their jobs! Actually I think it’s a reasonable thing to ask for.

I Have Something To Say

The way I struggle with my writing has upset or puzzled people in the past. “Why do you want to do it when you find it so hard?” I don’t know! I can’t help it! I just have to do it.

I see that writing is the perfect way for me to tackle my insecurities. I need to communicate my thoughts – even if nobody will understand me or listen – and it’s making me both stronger and braver. It helps me accept who I am. Yay!

But am I really that different? That unique? I suppose I have a lot of time and space on my hands, for thinking and wondering about my part in this circus called life.

It’s also a necessity for me. I want to understand myself on the deepest possible level, and through that process I can better understand other human beings. Because we have some serious problems, my friends!

Love Is The Answer

The problems we share are difficult to solve, but we need to connect. We have to connect with each other – but even more important – we need to connect to ourselves.

This may sound corny, but if you love yourself it’s much more difficult to hurt somebody else. If you love yourself it’s more difficult to hurt you too – because you know if it belongs to you or not. You know what is true about you!

More love is what this world needs. Love is the answer.