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Isolation Kills The Dream

A friend sent me a tip via email. It was a book by Barbara Sher. When I looked her up on the internet I found a TEDx Talk she did a few years ago. As I started to watch it what she said wowed me: “Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude.”

According to Barbara Sher’s experience a dream always has an obstacle, and both are equally important. She also says that in a random group of people amazing things can happen. It’s the people coming together, and not your general attitude that does the trick!

Barbara Sher is “a business owner, career counselor, and best-selling author of seven books, each of which provides a down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts method for uncovering natural talent, pinpointing goals and turning dreams into reality. […] Barbara has presented seminars and workshops throughout the world”.*

We Love To Solve Other People’s Problems

In her talk Barbara tells the story of a woman who needed a chimpanzee, and another one who wanted to dance with Patrick Swayze. A third woman was tired and wanted to go on a cruise. All their dreams came true – because of the people who showed up to the event.

The dream is important, but so is the obstacle. Alone we might not be able to overcome the challenges, but if we ask for help anything is possible. The obstacle can be overcome with the help of other people.

What is your dream? What is the obstacle?

My dream is to become a professional (and of course successful) writer. My obstacle at the moment is money. I haven’t been able to find work that pays well enough. (Most jobs in Berlin are hugely under-payed). My savings are gone, and I don’t have a rich husband.

All the money related stress keeps me from finishing my book. It makes me nervous, insecure and basically depressed. I’m hoping I will get welfare money soon, to ease the stress and buy me some time. It’s horrible to not have financial stability.

There. It’s out in the open. Now start sending me money, ppl 😉




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