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GetYourGuide: Translating

I have taken on the task to translate English texts into Swedish. The subjects at GetYourGuide mainly has to do with travelling, and especially half-day trips, excursions and basically holiday adventures. Even if the readers don’t feel like travelling I sure do!

Translating can be a quite relaxing activity. Not that it’s easy, no, but I use Google Translate to help med find the basic sentences. Then I comb trough them in order to correct the most obvious mistakes and ponder a bit longer over the more difficult parts.

Using Google Translate is frowned upon by most, but it can be a useful tool. Even though the translation sometimes is complete rubbish, it’s easier to get inspiration from rubbish than from nothing. You can quote me on that! 😉

A few examples:
Monserrat from Barcelona
Nisyros from Kos