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Creative Archetype & Soul Art

Discover You Creative Archetype, was the message that caught my eye. I find most Facebook tests silly, but something about this one made me curious. Archetype? This was different, and I was of course eager to find out – am I really an artist?

Many people find social media and particularly Facebook bad, bad, bad. I disagree. It can be a wonderful source of inspiration. It depends on what pages you’ve liked, what groups you are in and so on.

Besides, you always get what you need. I have had trouble believing that, but it’s often true. That particular evening I needed to know – am I a true artist?

“You Are An Artist To The Core”

That’s what it said! My heart jumped from joy. The rest of the message felt very true:

“You seek to structure your life around your art, which can prove challenging at times, but your love for art always finds a way to give you some space to create.

When you don’t create, you’re agitated and your body gets irritated by the lack of circulation. You need to feel the flow of inspiration moving through your body like a breath.”

Read the full The Artist report

3 Soul Art Rituals

Laüra Hollick is a Canadian dancer and artist. (I don’t know what’s with the “ü”. Tried to pronounce it in the German way, but it sounds too funny.) She shares her story of creativity and healing on her website, as well as the Soul Art process she has developed.

After I’d read the report I was offered to take part in three free rituals, and Laüra’s promise was: “3 Soul Art rituals to activate your hidden creative power”. It’s of course a way to make you commit to the 1 years course Soul Art Certification, but I was astonished. It really worked!

The 3 steps are 1) healing, 2) purpose and 3) manifestation, and she has done live meditations for each theme with special drawing exercises. They are all online right now, but maybe not for long. I am still processing my own experiences, and will write more about them later.

If you feel stuck, but enjoy being creative – try it. It might change your life!