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Content Editor for Scandinavia & Finland at Sixt

A year has past since I started working for Sixt Editorial in Berlin. My job is to make sure the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish sites have content. Besides that I translate content/copy (EN -> SE) for the Swedish newsletter and other marketing channels – and I write articles for Sixt Magazine Sweden.

That is what I want to adress in this post, the magazine articles. I want to show some of the articles I have written myself, from scratch. There are other articles which I have translated, mainly from English, but sometimes from German or other languages. The main topic is usually traveling by car, but you can also read country and city guides, get travel tips etc.

Since content published online won’t be around “forever” I decided to save some texts as PDF’s. Thus I can secure my work for the future. Below you can click on the links and land on the actual site, but the PDF’s may be used later if the magazine for some reason is taken offline. Here goes!

*By the way, we got new job titles this year, which means I’m no longer a Junior Manager Online Editor for Scandinavia & Finland, but a (Professional) Content Editor. Yay!