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Guest Blogger for Midgårdsormen

Jenny Hansson is an upcoming Swedish author of feelgood books. She has written for example a trilogy about three guys and a bus company in Berlin. On her blog, Midgårdsormen, she interviews other debuting authors, she writes about the world of publishing, tips for the wannabe author – and invites guest bloggers!

Her debut novel, Mytomanen på Madeira (The Mythomaniac on Madeira), is something as unusual as a feelgood book with a male main character. The content of the novel is here described in the following way (my translation), by Jenny Hansson herself:

Rasmus is a star salesman at a travel agency and life is fun. But when his girlfriend starts longing for a [typical Swedish lifestyle, with] a house, a Volvo and a doggy, it feels like a brilliant idea to apply for a job as a tour guide with his best friend Patrik.


When Jenny asked me the first time if I wanted to contribute, and write a guest post on her blog, I was flattered. Then I started to search for topics. When nothing sprang to mind, although I’ve been a guest blogger more than once, I decided to forget the whole thing. Then she asked again…

This time I had just experienced an epiphany, reading a new book and author. Something reminded me of my deep love for words and stories. That was a great topic for a blog post! Said and done, I wrote this text (in Swedish) and Jenny published it on her blog.

The Content of my Article

In short, I write about the love of words, the melody and rhythm of a text. How it makes me feel to read it and how a great writer has a personal voice, which permeates the text and the way the story is told.

I believe we need more stories that are real rather than “only feelgood”. We need to connect and realise that we all struggle sometimes, and that we are never alone in doing so.

Photo: Midgårdsormen (Pexels)